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  • Powered Parachutes

    The Freedom of Flight

    Since the first caveman grunted and pointed at a pterodactyl soaring on air, man wanted to defy the bonds of gravity and take to the skies. After the Wright brothers made their historic flight on Kitty Hawk, flight became a reality for man. Today, air transportation is commonplace.  I bet, though, if you could talk to that first caveman, you’d find that packing onto a 747 isn’t what he had in mind.  Powered Parachutes (PPC’s) offer true freedom of flight.  In a powered parachute (PPC), you feel the wind on your face and the thrill of breaking the surly bonds of Earth. Dave’s Outdoor Adventures offers safe, thorough training for flying powered parachutes (PPCs).  For information on training or to find out if you’ll need to sell a kidney to realize the dream of flight, go to the Flight training page. Once you’ve determined you can keep both kidneys and take the training, visit Las Vegas and contact DOA.

    Powered parachutes offer true freedom of flight in an affordable machine that can be kept in a garage. Dave's Outdoor Adventures offers safe, thorough powered parachute flight training.